Last 20 Minutes - Easy Halloween Make-up

Hello world!

Our first post is about Halloween because, well, the night of terror and fun is right upon us.
We are busy girls and cannot dedicate a lot of time and effort into making the perfect costume. We are more about the fun and the drinks later on. However, Halloween cannot be fully embraced without looking ridiculously, so we came up with two very easy looks doable in just 20 minutes.

Without further ado, here it is.

Look #1 - Geisha

This is Lucy before the make-up - as you can see there is nothing geisha about her at that point:

[caption id="attachment_65" align="alignnone" width="179"]Lucy before going Far East. Lucy before going Far East.[/caption]

What do you need:

- the palest powder you can obtain - if you are not very pale yourself, this would be an easy task. However, if your skin tone is light, you may need to find a special white make-up (which we don`t know how to get in Bulgaria, thank God we got tan!);

- red lipstick and lipstick brush;

- the regular make-up stuff - foundation, black eye pencil, brows pencil and mascara.


1. Put on foundation all over your face - you would want to have a very even coverage;

2. Put on the powder, a lot of it. Here is Lucy in the process:

[caption id="attachment_66" align="alignnone" width="179"]Lucy vs. very pale powder Lucy vs. very pale powder[/caption]

3. Draw lines from your outer eye corner towards your hair with the red lipstick using the brush. The way you do it is up to your fantasy and skull. Here is what looked good on Lucy:
IMAG2793 (1)

4. Finish the make-up by doing black cat eyes, adding color to your brows and some mascara.

And voila - Japanese Lucy!

IMAG2869 IMAG2916IMAG2891

Look #2 - Desperate housewife

This is Svetla without make-up - looking pretty cheerful:

[caption id="attachment_67" align="alignnone" width="181"]No signs of desperate No signs of desperate[/caption]

What do you need:

- smoky eye make-up set;

- liquid eye-liner, some kind of little, pointed brush and a little water;

- glass of wine.


1. Apply foundation and contour for heavier night-out look. Look classy:

[caption id="attachment_68" align="alignnone" width="181"]Crazy make-up lady Crazy make-up lady[/caption]

2. Do the smokey eyes with whatever color suits you best. Svetla chose dark green and this was the result:


3. Look desperate! Apply some black eye-liner in the inner corner of your eye and then add some water with the little pointy brush. Let it run down your cheek. Do it for the outer corner if you like. Depends on how sad you would like to look:


4. Grab the glass of wine. Look devastated!


You can also check Shaaanxo out - she does make-up tutorials and is super cute. Here is her Halloween tutorial:

Have a spooky and thrilling night!

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Love, Lucy and Svetla

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