Green Smoothies

It came to my attention that Americans are crazy about green smoothies. This is a beverage containing green veggies and fruits. Super healthy and as supporters claim, delicious. Very suitable for dieting. Looks toxic green and scary.
But I eat raw broccoli for pleasure so I was like "Challenge accepted"!

Step 1 - get a blender

In Bulgaria smoothies are not popular at all so if you want some, you have to prepare it yourself. I purchased this one - It is mid-range and costs approx. EUR 50.

Step 2 - get veggies and fruits

The basic recipe is 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 fruits and 1/3 water. For my first try I got spinach, broccoli, kiwi and green apples. However, you can go with almost any combination. Here are some recipes and other insights -

Step 3 - chop the goodies

Here is my starting point:


Something I learnt the hard way - you have to chop the ingredients before putting them in the blender (because if you don`t do so, the blender won`t hmm blend them and you will have to do it anyway).

Step 4 - blender time

It is actually quite simple - put the ingredients in the blender, add water until it fills the bowl to the half and slide the button:


Step 5 - pour it up

Most important thing - don`t do this:IMAG2995

So, after fixing the smoothie spill, I finally had the chance to taste this suspicious creation of mine. It was actually pretty good, something like kiwi nectar. I can definitely consume it on a daily basis.

In addition, it is very suitable for office lunch because you can easily carry it in a flask and its looks are over 9000 theft protection.


Also, Elvis Presley loves it! Just look at his thirsty glare:IMAG2999

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Love, Svetla

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